Just few hours to launch our new platform OHouse and we believe it worth sharing how we journey from OYESource Housing to OHouse.

We started OYESource Housing in early 2017 when Fuoye students demanded and voiced out the need for a trusted, reliable & affordable (not over billing) Agency to provide accommodation.

We saw the need and started OYESource Housing, implementing technology to provide accommodation without the stress.

It was then hosted on www.oyesource.com/housing

May 23, 2018 the OYESource Rebirth took place:

The day our Founder – David Oladejo redefined OYESource & we develop a structure for everything we’ve done so far between 2015-2018 and the concept of OYESource Empire (Mother Company of everything OYESource) was birthed.

Then, we had to move/host OYESource Housing on Wakonect has Wakonect then was structured to accommodate all OYESource Value Added Products.

You can read more about the OYESource Rebirth here

2017, 2018 we tried our best and believe we did fine with OYESource Housing as we delivered our best with OYESource Housing through Wakonect and sure the students we serviced can attest to that (of course without some tiny little not so good mistakes.)

In November 2018, we officially registered OYESource Housing with the Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC) with RC: 2690660 in other for us to carry out all Real Estate activity/service legally.

Here’s where it gets interesting

Most projects on OYESource Empire have been undergoing some sort of restructuring including OYESource Housing.

We’ve finally gotten a clear path for how we want OYESource Housing to be.

And for some couple of weeks now, we we’ve been actively putting in efforts with lots of underground work into the development of our new platform for you to Find & Rent the best off-campus hostel in Fuoye. And that led us to…

Welcome to OHouse


Yes! 🤭

Stay with us as we’ll bring you further updates on the OHouse brand