Before the end of last year (2019) the OSCEntz Team have been preparing ahead for the coming year (2020). One of the to-dos is to resume the year 2020 with a BANG and follow through with the plan to really be the Source of Optimum entertainment for the year and this mindset led to the birth of JAMUARY

The concept behind JAMUARY is simply to host the Resumption/Fresher’s Party as the 2019/2020 session begins in Fuoye and this past Friday, on the 31st of January, JAMUARY was held live and direct at Fuoye 02 Arena (Main Auditorium).

Now that the event is over, and we’ve delivered a wonderful experience, it is with a grateful heart we say a BIG thanks to everyone who came.🙏

JAMUARY was an event that we did against all odds.

80% of students haven’t resumed but because of the concept “JAMUARY” the Resumption Party has to held on January.

Imagine the turn up regardless of the odds.

See some selected snaps

Up next is FAGEnSAGE 2020