About a month and 15 days ago we Launched OHouse (October 1st, 2019) and so today we are here to share with you an amazing concept we started developing out of the need (gut feeling). Discover more below…

At OHouse, the mission is to find you a befitting and affordable house and our method is trust and transparency. With tons of hostels and apartments for rent in almost every schools, state, and city across the nation, we‘re here to help you secure your next house. 

Why TempA?

You want to visit a University but you don’t know anyone in the school and have no idea where you’ll stay when you arrive. There maybe hotels but the idea of paying ₦5000 ~ ₦10,000/night is something most people can’t afford.

We all know that feeling 👆

So TempA is created out of this need by OHouse to provide you a Temporary Accommodation for Fresher’s (with/without parent) or anyone visiting the University/Higher Institution.

How TempA Works

TempA works in a very simple way. Anytime you need a Temporary Accommodation (available in Fuoye only as at 11/11/2019). You access the TempA service through any of the method stated below and you will be provided a conducive room for your Temporary stay (maximum 20 days).

Methods to Get Temporary Accommodation (TempA)

Method 1 (Online): Go-to www.ohouse.ng/tempa

Select the Temporary Accommodation Plan; days that you need, pick your arrival date & time, then fill your necessary details and finally make payment directly online or on-site at our office when you when you arrive.

Method 2 (Offline): Call OHouse on 234 70 52 2525 20

As soon as you arrive, and make your payment, you will be linked with one of our Temporary Accomodators for your stay.

TempA Gender: Male & Female stay seperate
TempA fee: ₦1000/night/day.

PS: You Can Make Money Letting out Your Room (Majorly for Stalites)

Become a Temporary Accommodators (Tempas) for free and earn money when we link you up with. Signups here: www.ohouse.ng/tempas

To Contact OHouse

WhatsApp: https://wa.me/2347052252520 or 📞070 52 2525 20

OHouse ~ Befitting and Affordable Housing for all Students

Just like that TempA is here and we positively anticipate the impact TempA will make, Stay with us as we’ll bring you further updates on the OHouse and the journey to building the OYESource Empire one day at a time.