5 years ago, an Award was birthed in Federal University Oye-Ekiti to celebrate the outstanding performance of Fresh Student, it was called FAGE (Freshers Award & Gala Evening) the journey led to the introduction of the Stalites called SAGE; FAGEnSAGE.

And for 5 consecutive years, FAGEnSAGE has been in existence and has grown to identify and celebrate students from neighbouring institution: ABUAD, COIkere, EKSU, FPA.

This 2020, OYESource Empire (mother brand of OSCEntz – OYESource Entertainment) is passionate about erecting an Heritage in Fuoye leading to the decision to focus the 2020 edition of FAGEnSAGE on Fuoye Students/Fuoye Campus, thereby introducing FAGEnSAGE as Fuoye Campus Award.

Most Importantly

All things FAGEnSAGE remains the same, the Iconic Award Plaque, the orderliness, outstanding process for the event and Grand Finale, most importantly all Social Media Handle and website remains as FAGEnSAGE.

FAGEnSAGE 2020 (Fuoye Campus Award) is the Heritage.

Thank you, xoxo.