The OHouse Lanch journey started October 1st, 2019. Here is a detailed information showing how far and how well we have done so far with OHouse.

You know what they say about the journey of a thousand mile? Today we are recording 20 days, someday we’ll talk about 2 years, and another 20 years and more! 🤭

We’re here to grow and stay!

Website Visits

Our major medium of publicity for the past 20 days has been WhatsApp handle (Fuoye community), and we’re encouraged about the 29, result so far and the next couple of days/week we implement more marketing strategies.

OHouse Overall Visits
  • OHouse 20 Days Google Analytics
  • OHouse 20 Days Google Analytics
  • OHouse 20 Days Google Analytics

App Downloads

We launched on October 1st with an Android Apk file to be downloaded and installed by users and we record over 200 installs of the OHouse App installs.

OHouse Andriod Apk-20 Days Download
OHouse Andriod Apk -20 Days Download

Enquiries Call/WhatsApp

And yes! WhatsApp was integrated into the susystem so we can be easily reached and it’s working, especiall now that we’ve integrated a Click to To Book Now button on all property listed.

  • OHouse WhatsApp Chat Screenshot - 20 Days

Social Media

OHouse presence is not missing on the major social media handles; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Below is how far we’ve socially grown in the past 20 days.

  • OHouse Facebook Growth Screenshot - 20 Days
  • OHouse Instagram Growth Screenshot - 20 Days
  • OHouse Twitter Growth Screenshot - 20 Days


None! 🤭

We believe this is owing to the fact that the Fuoye 2018/2019 session is stipulated to end by December/January 2020 meaning the market is not ready to make use of our service, but we are doing the hardwork now so when the demand come, we will be able to supply.

So that’s it! 20 days gone, more to come. Stay with us on the journey to building the OYESource Empire one day at a time.